April – May 2023 News & Updates

As the library enters the spring season, we have a number of updates, events, and changes we’d like to share with you. April was a very successful month for the library, with a variety of events, outreaches, and offerings for the community.

First, you will now notice a continually updated list of events on the right-middle side of our webpage. This serves as an easy reference for offerings that are arriving in weeks to come.

Recently, we began carrying out an outreach program at the local T-Town Childcare Center, which involves a story reading and a craft. Our first visit took place on April 17th, and our programming director Danny Scopelliti visited the preschool class. The theme, in light of spring, was “Flowers.” A reading and craft were happily enjoyed by all.

When you enter the middle room of the library, where we have traditionally held our computers, you will notice a number of changes: In order to support our youth communities and homeschooling families, we have moved all adult shelving from the middle of the room and begun installing moving, dynamic shelving for children’s & junior fiction materials. The new design has provided the room with a great amount of additional space, as well as a centralized area for all of our easy-reader, children’s, and junior fiction materials. These were previously held in separate rooms, and now share a single space together. We will be adding more shelving soon, and the computers and copier will be relocated to the back room where all adult and young adult materials are held. Once again, we are carrying out this task to better centralize materials, and support our families and community members. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the process!

On Saturday April 15th, the library held a film screening of the Tom Hanks film A Man Called Otto. The American film is based on Swedish author Frederik Backman’s bestselling novel entitled, A Man Calle Ove. We had a lovely turnout, with just under 10 patrons enjoying a shared screening, refreshments, and conversation. With our newly acquired movie license, we hope to offer more film screenings to the public shortly.

In other news, our Homeschool Guitar Lessons have been moving along at a wonderful pace. The young ones are learning at a rapid rate, making great progress, and exploring their creative abilities week in, week out. Recently, we have been learning a variety of chords, scales, and ways of applying them by learning songs and creating patterns. We are delighted to offer this opportunity as a facet of our mission statement, which expresses our role as an institution dedicated to lifelong learning and education. Our lessons run every Wednesday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Theya re geared towards our homeschool families but are not exclusive to them! To create optimal learning opportunities, our space is limited at 10 participants, and we are nearly topped out! To inquire about space and availability, please contact the library.

As summer approaches, we have begun planning for our edition of the statewide literacy and reading program known simply as “Summer Reading.” This year’s designated theme is “All Together Now.” Our events centered around this theme will emphasize community helpers, togetherness through core literacies, and community. Summer Reading programs will run every Friday at 11:00 a.m. from mid-June to mid-July. Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages, or contact us, for more information.

Finally, we have been taking care of some spring cleaning: carpet & floor cleaning, yard work, and general tidying. We can’t wait to see the spring and summer sun shining on our unique building, and we look forward to your next visit to enjoy the atmosphere, browse, or take care of personal business.

Thanks for all of your support,

— The Wyalusing Public Library staff